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Important Announcements

POSTED ON November 27, 2023

Mark your calendars for the biggest EWC event of the year on Monday, December 4th!

We are honoured to host the Chief Director, Department Sector Support, Dept. of Economic Development and Tourism, WCG, Ilse van Schalkwyk and her team to address these issues and why Western Cape Government is for YOU!

You definitely want to take advantage of this incredible event and opportunity!

Guest speakers:

  • Chief Director, Department Sector support, Dept. of Economic Development and Tourism, Western Cape Government
  • Ms. Ilse van Schalkwyk and her team.
  • Terry Gale: Chairman – Exporters Western Cape

Please confirm your attendance for catering purposes and parking tickets.

RSVP on or before Friday 01st December 2023 - 084 200 2848


News & Events

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POSTED December 7, 2023

GOOD NEWS THURSDAY – 7th December 2023

This is the penultimate GNT for 2023 and as the saying goes ‘time flies when you’re having fun’! Not quite sure if this is relevant to our industry...

POSTED December 5, 2023

Logistics News Update – 5th December 2023

Welcome to the final Logistics News Update of 2023. It has been an eventful year in the logistics sector...

POSTED December 4, 2023

Exporters Event – 4 December

We had the honour of hosting Rico Basson, the esteemed CEO of SA Wines, as our guest speaker. His insightful discussion illuminated the wine industry's pivotal role in the South African economy. He shared his vision of elevating our wines as globally recognisable brands and further expanding into international markets, emphasising the collaborative effort needed from all stakeholders....

POSTED November 30, 2023

GOOD NEWS THURSDAY – 30th Nov 2023

While the rest of South African ports are suffering with chronic congestion and delays, the PoCT is fluid, with...

POSTED November 23, 2023

GOOD NEWS THURSDAY – 23rd Nov 2023

Yes, can you believe it – there is good news this week and quite a lot of it! That is, of course, if you live in the Western Cape!..

POSTED November 22, 2023

Logistics News Update – 22nd November 2023

It is no secret that our ports are in shambles. Just in KZN alone, there are 62 vessels at anchorage, there are more than 71’000 containers at sea and the importers and exporters are paying for the ports inefficiency to maintain and operate their equipment. The South African Freight ...

POSTED November 22, 2023

Join us for an unforgettable evening at the EWC Dec Function! An event not to be missed!

At Exporters Western Cape we strive to be ‘voor op die wa’ and also create a positive spin on developments...

POSTED November 15, 2023

Logistics New Updates – 15th November 2023

This is not a scare tactic to say beware. The transport industry has been screaming from the rooftops to get better policing on the ...

POSTED November 10, 2023

GOOD NEWS FRIDAY – 10th Nov 2023

The main discussion around the water cooler this week is the implementation of a congestion surcharge for import containers, of $200/210 per TEU...

POSTED November 8, 2023

Logistics News Update – 8th November 2023

The shipping lines will implement a port congestion surcharge of $210 per TEU, so importers will be paying R7824.60 per ...


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