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POSTED ON May 31, 2023

Dear stakeholders and affected parties (please disseminate this notice to relevant people).

You are invited to register to attend a workshop in Cape Town on the 13th of June 2023 at the Garden Court Hotel in Woodstock Cape Town.

A team of researchers is co-operating with Transnet National Ports Authority to study and address the problem of extreme wind disruption of port operations in the Port of Cape Town. Strong and extreme winds result in significant disruptions in the Port. This has a knock-on effect on the regional economy. Anecdotally, this problem appears to be worsening with time.

The research work seeks to understand the causes and dynamics of extreme wind and its trends, to understand the impacts on port users and the economy, and to seek solutions to manage the problem now and in the future.

The aim of the workshop is to share information about the work we will undertake and to identify and consult with stakeholders and affected parties and learn about how this wind problem affects, and is likely to affect, industries, businesses, and livelihoods. This will be followed up with individual consultations where required.

To register your interest in attending this meeting, on Tuesday, 13th June 2023 (9am to 5pm) at the Garden Court Hotel, Woodstock, Cape Town, please fill in this form: https://forms.gle/3fU8sPZQ8dqoTqyi7

Given the limitations on space we will confirm attendance for this who have registered to attend.

For any queries, please contact Dr Neville Sweijd (nsweijd@csir.co.za).

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POSTED May 29, 2023

Exporters Event – 24 May 2023

We had the pleasure of hosting our May event at Encore Restaurant @ Northlink College where we had the privilege of hearing from Nicci Scott, CEO of the Commercial Transport Authority, who passionately discussed the importance of female upliftment in the transport and logistics sector.

POSTED May 29, 2023

Transnet Tug Tour

On Wednesday 10th May, Exporters Western Cape was given the opportunity to go on a tug tour and as luck would have it, besides being a perfect Cape autumn morning, the Maersk Vallvik was due off limits at 1130.

POSTED May 26, 2023

GOOD NEWS FRIDAY – 26 May 2023

After yesterday’s extremely well informed and successful Africa Day, 21 years young and going stronger than ever..

POSTED May 15, 2023

GOOD NEWS MONDAY – 15 May 2023

Monday is not normally our best day of the week, so thought let’s start the week on a positive note...

POSTED May 5, 2023


After an excellent quarterly in-person engagement with the Transnet team yesterday we can certainly feel new energy within our industry...

POSTED April 26, 2023


Today we launch GNW – Good News Wednesday as the news is so good it cannot wait until Friday! Of course, many will be taking advantage of the holidays and make this an extended long weekend.

POSTED April 21, 2023

GOOD NEWS FRIDAY – 21 April 2023

We have an exciting week behind us with the AfCFTA Business Forum closing on Tuesday evening – now we await to hear when we can start trading under this phenomenal agreement...

POSTED April 19, 2023

Exporters Event – 19 April 2023

TRADE AGREEMENTS SPEAKERS: Eckart Naumann – Tralac Trudi Hartzenberg – Tralac This important EWC event on the urgency of the AGOA Acts’ potential extension was hosted at the lovely Bowman’s offices. With a great introduction to the event by one of their senior associate, Julia Choate. Eckart Naumann was the first speaker and stressed the significance of extending the AGOA Act beyond its self-termination date in 2025. The USA export route is a crucial market for African exporters, and it is essential to fast-track the act’s renewal. He emphasised that the USA does not want to lose its foothold in the African…

POSTED April 14, 2023

GOOD NEWS FRIDAY – 14th April 2023

The 2-week hiatus has meant this week’s GNF has even better news than normal! After our Port Manager implemented the Port Recovery Plan on 16th March, there is a noticeable...

POSTED March 31, 2023

GOOD NEWS FRIDAY – 31st March 2023

As this scribe will be floating on the Atlantic Ocean next week, this will be your pre-Easter edition of Good News Friday!


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