About Us

Who are we

Established in 1979, The Exporters Club prides itself on being an altruistic non-profit organisation that facilitates business networking through events which are as informative as they are enjoyable.

As an initiative that was founded in the sole interest of the various role players of the export industry, we also aim to be a forum through which concerns may be raised and input provided.

We are involved, we are interactive and we are invested. We are The Exporters Club.

Our Objectives

  1. To encourage active & sustainable exporting.
  2. To encourage best practices and facilitate knowledge transfer & experience.
  3. To provide businesses with a local forum to discuss exporting issues.
  4. To signpost new & existing exporters with the right advice & information.
  5. To highlight market opportunities.

Why should you join us?

The Exporters Westen Cape offers an exciting opportunity to network with various businesses, governmental agencies and trade associations.

At our events, you can

Hear from experienced individuals who are well-equipped in their chosen professions which range from sector specialists and logistic experts all the way to banking, finance and insurance trades.

Exchange ideas and opportunities

Discuss common challenges faced by various entities

Seek business-related counsel

Find solutions and support to entity specific challenges you may be facing

learn risk mitigation for your trade

Bring along a guest to share your experience and grow your network as part of your membership package!