GOOD NEWS FRIDAY – 10th Nov 2023

The main discussion around the water cooler this week is the implementation of a congestion surcharge for import containers, of $200/210 per TEU...

Dear Colleagues

The main discussion around the water cooler this week is the implementation of a congestion surcharge for import containers, of $200/210 per TEU.

Although we are export focused, this will have an impact on all of us by an increase in the cost-of-living index as many of the items on the shelves are imported or have an import component in their manufacture.

The question now raised : when will this surcharge be implemented for export containers?   Why are all SA ports targeted, when the worst congestion is Durban (25 container vessels awaiting berthing as of this morning)

From the PoCT perspective the dreding at CTCT is complete, so the teminal is back to a 3- berth operation, and plans are afoot for a target of 2500/3000 TEU p/day within the next few weeks (weather & Equipment permitting!)

Let’s hold TPT accountable for this!

The other good news is that AGOA summit went of without a hitch  and according to our in-house source, who had the following comments to make:

“ Forum was good – very positive spirit – mostly well executed – good hosts. Patel spoke eloquently each time, with a lot of substance, and made a compelling case. SA delegation also positive, Katherine Tai very good and constructive.

SA would be subject to an out of cycle review right at the beginning – we had the same in 2015 at the last renewal. Nothing to be concerned about specifically as this is always a risk at any point going forward – important for SA to conduct itself in an compliant way (the key is : don’t actively undermine US foreign policy interests). It’s not about siding with the US, it’s about not undermining them, big difference”.

Port Stats for the week 30/10 – 05/11:

  • CTCT : 10477 TEU handled, 23.65 hours windbound, 11 hours fogbound; 3 vessels @ anchorage, 13GCH, 30 SWH; 290 rail moves; LC! & LC4 out of order, LC$ shou be back by Friday, LC! a procurement process delaying repairs; 7 RTGs ex LA ETA 3/12 & short tension units still not shipped!
  • CTMPT:  1725 TEU out target 533, wind & fog delayed operations for  7 hours; 15 GCH 14 SWH 906 Truck gate moves; terminal fluid with good line-up
  • FPT : 59% berth occupancy, 5 vessels handled: 1 multi-purpose, 2 container, 1 B/B, 1 Layby; 1934 TEU Handled, 2753.37 MT Tons Dry Bulk, 1058.58 General Cargo B/B; French frigate Floréal layby vessel for 5 days

Please note above information correct as at Wednesday 8th November, unless otherwise indicated.

November Function : In view of the port challenges & impact on business, EWC has invited Western Cape Government to address our concerns at this function – we were just awaiting a date, so watch this space!

Have an enjoyable rest of the week – we are there for YOU!