GOOD NEWS FRIDAY – 2 February 2024

Our 2nd issue for 2024 and things are moving forward - you just to need to look at the PoCT and the influx...

Our 2nd issue for 2024 and things are moving forward – you just to need to look at the PoCT and the influx of passenger liners which of course, is their peak season.
Not only the passenger terminal, which requires expansion, our terminals are also at capacity, being the peak of the fruit season, with our grapes hitting global markets.

As reported last week, trading under the AfCFTA was launched yesterday in Durban and this is an incredible step in the right direction, with unlimited potential and needs all the support we can muster.
We are pleased to advise that the ‘house full’ signs have gone up for our event on Tuesday, focusing on this and its great to get on the ground floor of this momentous occasion.

To all the naysayers, Africa is our future with the youngest and most diverse population globally – for the 1st time in history has one continent come together with a common trading goal.
How many have stated that it will never happen, yet here we are?!!!

Back home, port Stats as follows (week 22):

  • CTCT : 11384 TEU 12 GCH 24 SWH 26 hour wind delay 10 hour fog delay; 13% night shifts 362 rail moves
  • CTMPT : 2240 TEU target 1679 12 GCVH 13 SWH 16 hours wind delay 2 hours fog delay;
  • FPT :  this week’s star performers!  Berth occupancy : 98% 9 vessels handled: 3 container, 4 multi cargo, 1 Fruit 1 cement,  3283 TEU, General Cargo B/B : 977.43 MT, General Cargo Cement 25188 MT, Dry Bulk 2831.4 MT, Fruit : 6161 Pallets
  • Equipment : Short Tension Units are here, awaiting SARS examination & release, 8 out of 9 STS in operation (LC6 should be back COB 31st Jan) 25 RTGs available, 6 of the new + 1 by end of week
  • Fruit :   Due to weather/equipment challenges shortfall of 2959 containers to date is concerning

Next week is a hectic week for our city, with the Mining Indaba and the opening of Parliament, not to mention EWC launch into 2024!

Please do not make fires in this extreme heat, stay cool and refreshed!