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GOOD NEWS FRIDAY – 20 Oct 2023

TPT has released some interesting stats for week 09 – 15/10 with the CTMPT surpassing...

Dear Colleagues

Another week behind us and 6 days closer to our next EWC function – please ensure your attendance at this exciting event.

TPT has released some interesting stats for week 09 – 15/10 with the CTMPT surpassing, relatively speaking, CTCT – what does this tell you?

CTMPT is not as severely impacted as CTCT with wind delays, with the main terminal experiencing over 36 hours during this period for wind alone, not even taking account equipment failures and breakdowns.

As a comparison CTMPT handled 2884 movements, target 2014, 15 GCH and SWH 16, within the target range, with 3 landside cranes and CTCT 10867 TEU with 10GCH and 21 SWH, LC4 due to come onstream yesterday, RTG’ still a major impediment to the terminal delivery.

The 7 RTGs ex USWC have not departed as yet and we are pushing for this information to be released, the same with the hydraulic units ex Rotterdam!

These are the reasons why we engage every Wednesday with all the port authorities, and in the spirit of co-operation and collaboration we are all in this together!

As we are all part of the supply chain and if one does not work at optimum, the entire supply chain is affected.

Out of this the good news is that the new RTG’s will be operational up until 90kph, currently this is 70kph.

Should you have any comments or require any further information, please email:, remember we are your independent, non-partisan voice of the export industry!

Take care – see you on the 26th!