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We’re back! And not a moment too soon!

We’re back! And not a moment too soon!

Port Performance as follows:

CTCT (23 – 29 January)
13381 TEU Handled target not reached due to wind delays of over 30 hours – the previous week ranging appears to be resolved, which delayed the Luanda Express for 20 hours
Engineers on site managed to resolve the problem as one of the shore tensioner’s ropes caught in the snatch box – all teething problems!
Night runs at a worrying 9% which should improve as the port in the peak fruit season with grapes, plums, apples, pears & late nectarines being exported
256 Rail moves from Belcon seeing some improvement as the rail system comes into play.

CTMPT: (23 – 29 January)
A good week for the MPT which is showing a vast improvement in numbers, 2522 TEU’s vs target of 1993, 1619 truck gate moves
3 landside cranes & equipment fully operational & forward plan looking good

Our next function is on Wednesday, 1st March at Portside, hosting the Hong Kong Trade Development Council – please diarise as invitations on their way into your inbox.

Enjoy the beautiful Cape this weekend – voted one of the most instagrammable cities in the world & it’s our home!