Dear Colleagues

This is written as winter surrounds us with dark ominous clouds, heavy rain falling, and some might wishfully call this a typical Cape winter – which we can be thankful for – cast your mind to 2017?!

The port has suffered due to the inclement weather however the industry has been full steam ahead with workshops, webinars, in-person meetings and the buzz is certainly pre-COVID

Week 24 appears to be no different with the SAPICS Conference at Century City Convention Centre from 11 – 14th June and the all-important workshop on wind disruption in the PoCT on Tuesday 13th June,

Should you wish to attend any of the above,  please drop me an email and will forward the invitation to you.

The PoCT reported as follows (week 29/5 – 04/06)

CTCT : 10421 TEU, 14.3 hours windbound, 1.5 hours fog & 4 hours ranging recorded, equipment challenges with RTGs and scanner, 11% night runs & 144 rail moves
FPT : 6 vessels handled, 1 container, 3 Multi cargo, 1 Dry Bulk & 1 Breakbulk; 708 TEU, 2470.14 MT Dry bulk. 4914.98 MT B/B, 4116 pallets fruit.

Fruit Exports: We were privy to updated stats for our fruit exports and as a Province we can be exceptionally proud of our contribution to the national fiscus:

In week ending 8th June, 54588 pallets fruit were under cooling in W Cape, with 1715 TEU planned to be shipped in week 23, increasing to 2320 TEU in week 24, plus 92.13% of South African table grapes moves via PoCT.

EWC are finalising or June/July function/s so watch this space!

Stay well! Stay warm!