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GOOD NEWS MONDAY – 28 Aug 2023

So many meetings, so little time! As sure as the sun shines, we will have good news and...

Good morning

So many meetings, so little time!

As sure as the sun shines, we will have good news and on this per day, would we want to be living anywhere else?

BRICS is done and dusted, and Brand South Africa certainly put on a good show, so much so that 6 more countries want to play with us!

The next hurdle is AGOA which is on the agenda for November in Gauteng, as a precursor we attended a Provincial Dialogue last Thursday, hosted by the DTIC.

Our economy cannot afford to lose the benefits of the duty-free access to the US market – our biggest and most profitable trade lane.

TNPA hosted a truckers’ meeting on Thursday giving the transport industry an opportunity to air their grievances and map a way forward.

This is truly in the spirit of co-operation and collaboration and well done to TNPA for launching this initiative.

Back to the port stats for week 14 – 21 August:

  • CTCT: 13962 TEU handled, with wind delays, heavy swells, system failure, engine failure on MSC Carla and equipment challenges with 2 gantries non-operational; 11 GCH p/hour, 21 SWH p/hour, 12% night runs and 226 rail moves;
  • CTMPT: 1250 TEU handled, target 2426; 15 GCH p/hour, 10 SWH p/hour – manganese will start loading week 36, 86000MT, another 52000MT early September
  • FPT : Berth Occupancy 42%, 10 vessels handled, 1 Fruit, 1 container, 3 multi cargo, 2 Dry bulk and 3 layby; 607 TEU, 1145.65 General Cargo B/B; Dry Bulk : 418.84; Dry Bulk Direct Ops 12505 MT and 2017 pallets fruit

As the weather clears we are looking forward to improving stats for this week.

A gentle reminder about our AGM on Thursday, 7th September at CTICC and annual membership renewals are due from 1st August.

Enjoy the 1st smells of Spring!