The PoCT is reflecting this and hopefully the numbers for the coming weeks will...

Hello dear Colleagues..

It almost feels like spring is here, in true Cape tradition we are never sure!

The PoCT is reflecting this and hopefully the numbers for the coming weeks will prove this can be maintained and even improved upon!

This even assisted in berthing an unplanned vessel the past week, MSC Desiree was unable berth in Coega due to inclement weather, so she was berthed at CTCT which had spare capacity.

The stats for week 24 – 30 July are as follows:

  • CTCT : 14481 TEU Handled, 12 GCH (target 19) 25 SWH (target 40) there was a 17.5 berthing delay due to vessel ranging at 601 mainly, although 604 also experienced ranging even though hydraulic units are fitted t this berth; 31% stack occupancy, 340 rail & 10% night moves;
  • CTMPT: This week’s star performer – 2457 TEU handled target 1795, 12 GCH (target 16) 13 SWH (target 19) – even with equipment challenges/crane breakdowns the results are good!
  • FPT : Berth Occupancy : 38% : 4 vessels handled : 1 Fruit, 1 container, 1 Multi cargo, 1 layby 180 TEU handled 4693 pallets fruit
  • The coming weeks will see a vast improvement in both FPT & CTMPT numbers, continuing on this upward trajectory..

Trucker’s meeting planned for Wednesday 23rd August under the auspices of TNPA – it is essential that all truckers/trucking associations/bodies attend this meeting, to address the issues that are faced and ensure they are resolved – we are all part of the same value chain!

Our next function is Thursday 24th August with the keynote address by Dawie Roodt, one of South Africa’s most well respected and versed economists, so diarise now – invitations will be dropping into your inbox shortly!

Hasta la Vista!