GOOD NEWS THURSDAY – 18th January 2024

We’re back!!! In the 3rd week of January 2024, we take this opportunity to wish...

We’re back!!!

In the 3rd week of January 2024, we take this opportunity to wish you a happy and successful year – may all your dreams be fulfilled.
Much has been happening with some positive news to boot, as that’s what this is all about, sharing the good news!

We start with the news that the short tension units arrived on MSC Donata last week, cleared by SARS and now awaiting release and then implementation!
The 7 RTGs are now starting to come into operation, 2 in full operation, 2 personnel in training and the remainder by Monday.
8 STS gantries in operation, with LC5 a challenge with wind, however in the process of being resolved.

The Terminal stats as follows:    (week 8 – 15/01)

  • CTCT : 9694 TEU handled, 12 GCH/24 SWH – heavily impacted by wind, in total 63.3 hours terminal non-operational;  401 rail moves & 14% night utilisation;
  • CTMPT: 2562 TEU handled – target 2233 (2nd week in a row exceeded the target!) 15 GCH/18 SWH – lost 31 hours to wind, no equipment challenges and a full line-up for next few weeks
  • FPT :  53% Vessel occupancy; 5 vessels handled: 2 container, 1 Multi-cargo, 1 Bulk Cargo, 1 General B/B – 2509 TEU, 8765.47 MT Bulk Fertilizer; 4388 MT Cement; 4970 Pallets,
  • Fruit : Wind has been impact on the fruit export with in excess of 4000 containers awaiting export!
  • Equipment : as mentioned above.

Tomorrow is the quarterly stakeholders’ engagements with TNPA and by all accounts will be a bumper session – feedback provided in next week’s GNT.

Our next function is planned for Tuesday 6th February at Two Oceans Aquarium (Shark Tank) and will focus trade agreements with particular relevance to the AfCFTA Agreement

Stay Exporting!!!