There is good news today as CTCT has recorded much improved figures for the the past week, so do read on…..

Dear Colleagues

There is good news today as CTCT has recorded much improved figures for the the past week, so do read on…..

Thank you to Captain Vernal Jones providing us with a snapshot of current & future growth of the port, at our last function of our current financial year, with even more to come in the line-up for the coming year.

Congratulations to TNPA for awarding a PPP to Manila headquartered ICTSI for upgrading DCT Pier 2, in a joint venture – we Kaapenaars now raise the question what about the PoCT?

The general consensus was that TNPA were not keen to go into partnership with international operators, this confirms the opposite, so Ms Portia Derby let’s look into CTMPT (as an example) to upgrade its current status to become a fully fledge terminal!

Visualise this – a 24/7 2 or 3-berth terminal as a support to CTCT that is not as severely impacted by wind in view of its sheltered position from the South-Easter – improving the global status of our port, already recognised as one of the most beautifully situated ports in the world.

The carriers will have no reason to bypass, which regrettably is still taking place and our economy cannot afford any delays as the consumer ends up by paying for these cost delays/port omissions, its hurting all our pockets!

As EWC we are willing to take this concept to the powers that be, so watch this space – miracles can happen!

The stats for the PoCT for week 10 – 16/07 as follows:

  • CTCT : 17103 TEU handled (average of nearly 2500 p/day) 13 GCH p/hour(target 19);  25 SWH p/hour target 40; Gantry usage 2.3/2.5 p/vessel;   14.5% night utilisation; 33% stack occupancy; 411 rail moves – a war room set up to improve GCH/SWH
  • CTMPT :   340 TEU target 1129; 16 GCH P/hour target 16; 13 SWH p/hour target 19; 14% stack occupancy – please refer to comments above of how we can improve this terminal’s usage.
  • FPT:  Berth Occupancy : 32%; 5 vessels handled – 2 container, 3 Multi cargo; 1771 TEU handled, 1806 pallets fruit.

Our next function will be on Thursday 24th August with Dawie Roodt, Chief Economist, Efficient Group, addressing EWC, this is one not to be missed!

Stay warm, Stay well, Stay focused!