GOOD NEWS FRIDAY – 26 January 2024

Without much fanfare, trade under the AfCFTA Agreement will officially be launched in the Port of Durban on...

Much has been happening behind the scenes since last week’s GNT!

Without much fanfare, trade under the AfCFTA Agreement will officially be launched in the Port of Durban on Wednesday, 31st January.
This as a result of South Africa being included in the GTI – Guided Trade Initiative, between Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Cameroon, Ghana, Rwanda and Kenya.
This will provide duty free access to the above markets for a select number of products, as a trial for the full implementation of the AfCFTA.
As you might be aware the GTI was initiated in October 2022,  between Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Mauritius, Egypt and Cameroon.

The inclusion of South Africa can be a game changer for our country in view of the unlimited potential of the African continent, with the world’s youngest population, hungry to trade.

As Exporters Western Cape, we have been at the forefront of the AfCFTA and our event on 6th February will provide further insight into the GTI and how we, as exporters, can access it.

Our quarterly stakeholders engagement on Friday 19th provided a platform for TNPA to engage with industry, who were well represented, except for the carriers who were conspicuous by their absence!

This was noted with concern as we should all be on the same page with the same vision & goals, if one of the major players is not present, the impact can be enormous.
Focus was made on the utilisation of Belcon when the terminals go windbound and also increase in night runs – more engagement is needed on this. .
A preview was provided on the Culemborg site and the potential of this as a back up to the current port facilities – RFI is in the market for this and further details will be available soonest.

WCG provided an insight into transporter congestion at CTCT and improvement initiatives being implemented, the CoCT gave insight of providing interim truck stops.
Emphasis was also placed on terminal productivity and recovery time after being windbound, plus earlier notification of firm stacks, both CTCT and CTMPT.

As EWC is the independent voice of the export industry, should you need anything to be brought to the attention of TNPA for discussion at our weekly meetings, please let me know.

The terminals did not fare very well for the week 15 – 21/01 as they were heavily impacted by wind; CTCT 56 hours, CTMPT : 48 hours, as this is GNF, we will await improved figures for this week.

However, the star performer was FPT , with 81% berth occupancy, handling 9 vessels, 1777 TEU’s, 1057.4 MT general cargo B/B,30492 MT Cement, 7744.54 MT Dry Bulk & 4273 pallets fruit.

Equipment:  8 out of 9 STS, LC7 out of operation, 20 RTG’s operational, should increase to 22./23 by cob 24/01; short tension units still awaiting release from SARS!

Happy Exporting!